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General Academy Terms and Conditions & Code of Conduct

1. Airport Collection at the start of courses is provided as a courtesy in ALL locations, but please ensure you book flights arriving at sociable hours at local time. We cannot be expected to collect players at 3am for example without a surcharge.
2. All players registered with Future Lions International Academy are accountable for their behaviour and conduct. Any abuse (physical or verbal) against members of the public, staff or other players will be treated with ZERO tolerance and will result in the immediate removal from the Academy. You will also be responsible for any travel arrangements away from the venue/s and or accommodation should this occur.
3. All players must be prompt for sessions as stated in the course timetable, transport will be scheduled on time and will not wait for players who are late. Lateness/absence from sessions will result in the individual player missing the session and will be responsible for their own travel to the venue, please note (except with mitigating circumstances) lateness/absence will be recorded and noted on your final evaluation. 
4. We insist that ALL players coming to the academy get private medical insurance to cover them for the duration of their stay. From experience this is best done locally so that there are no language or contact issues in dealing with the insurance companies.
5. Payments for short courses from 4 weeks to 6 months are payable up front. Courses over 6 months in duration can be paid in instalments. Please ask a member of our team about this.

Please ensure that you understand that Future Lions are not responsible for your visa application or the success thereof.  If you are not sure you meet the entry requirements or are uncertain about the visa process PLEASE SEEK ADVICE BEFORE PAYING ANY MONEY.  We are unable to accept and responsibility or liability for losses resulting in visa rejections, or delays caused by the visa application process.

Immigration rules are strict and differ from country to country and are always considered on a completely individual basis, so one players from a particular country cannot be used as a case to suspect a successful application will be made. Therefore it is imperative that you seek advice on immigration before making any payments to Future Lions International. Any refusal of entry, or failure to attend a course that has been registered is NOT the responsibility of Future Lions International. Future Lions staff are experienced in dealing with these issues and can offer advice and best practices, but we are NOT able to offer legal advice pertaining to visas and immigration. Please seek assistance with this privately.  

* We can take payments in GBP, USD & EUR currencies. however all of our prices are in GBP, so the full amount must be cleared.
* We can accept BANK TRANSFER & Credit Card Transactions


* WE CANNOT PROVIDE ANY OFFICIAL ACCEPTANCE LETTERS BEFORE RESERVATIONS ARE PAID FOR SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK. If you are concerned about losing money by NOT getting a visa, please consult a visa specialist first.  We would be happy to provide you with a provisional letter pending visa application if you are concerned but please be warned that any fees paid to the Academy are done so to reserve the courses. If you don’t get your visa, or change your mind you will NOT be entitled to a refund, so please DO NOT make a payment until you are 100% Certain you will be booking and attending a course. All Fees are paid strictly on a NON Refundable basis.


* To stand the best chance of getting a visa if you are outside the EU it is highly recommended to pay for your course fees IN FULL. This shows the UK Border Agency and any Immigration official that you have the resources to live in the UK and participate in our programmes without the need to government funds etc, which is the biggest factor in any visa decision.  You will also ONLY be permitted to stay in the UK for the duration of your course and MUST return home at the end of the programme.  Again this is important in the visa decision process.



* Whilst every effort has been made to use up to date pictures and our own photography of actual academy highlights, there might be illustrative images used throughout the website to show certain details. Real photos are available on request should you wish to view aspect of the training facilities, accommodation, hotels used for tournaments and group visits, staff and players past and present.


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Future Lions International Academy have teamed up with key education providers to ensure we offer a comprehensive selection of educational options for UK, EU & International students between the ages of 13-19 years old. Education and development of every Future Lions player is very much at the heart of what we do here so we recognise the importance of this alongside achieving your footballing ambitions.

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